In the course of a life, what is a year?

How was your last year, 2013? Did you achieve what you wanted? Did you learn something new, and feel positive about it? Did you get a new perspective in your life?

What if you were stuck, and came to the point that the pain in your heart was so great, that you knew something has to be done?

We have two choices everyday. You can choose to think positive or negative. One of my friends said it this way:

“You have two beasts in yourself – positive and negative. They fight. Which one do you think is stronger ? The answer is: the one you feed everyday. If you chose the negative one, this beast will be stronger.”

So … help yourself to be the best you can be in 2014. Look at your options if you are at a crossroads in life. Choose the pathway, which feels better and lighter. Fix the things, which are causing you pain, whenever it could be. Do not look to others to make you feel happy and fulfilled.

Instead of placing responsibility of all your happiness on another’s shoulder, take care of yourself because for real happiness to occur, you have to make the effort to make yourself happy.

Work on your needs; don’t run away from your issues.

Wishing you a successful 2014,

Goska Wolnik
Life Recipes




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