Surprise youself this year


Happy 2019 Year!  The first month of the year  is nearly gone, I am still on holidays –  short escapes to the country or lazy days on the  beach, bicycle rides with the whole family,  short walks with my dogs (I am mindful of their age so they are restricted to 20 minutes of walking in the morning).


My last year finished very quickly with two major events – 3 months trip to America. Liverpool and Poland with short stop over at United Emirates and then 6 long months of total transformation of our house.  It is not finished yet so this year we will continue beautifying our two bathrooms and backyard.

There was a very exciting year. Some of my friends become grandparents, some found the love of their life. On the other spectrum some of them were diagnosed with rare diseases, get sick overseas and can not recover, some were divorced,. Some just retired, some got the news that this year their job will be ended abruptly. So what 2019 will bring to you?

I do not have any resolutions or goals this year. I  just have areas of focus so I can see the clear picture where I am going. Some books which were sitting on the shelf and collecting dust were found during the renovation and decluttering of my study.  They inspired me to hit for the computer and plan for the whole year. “18 minutes ” by Peter Bregman is about finding our focus, mastering distractions and getting the right things done. It comes hand in hand with “8 minutes in the morning” by Jorge Cruise. He warranties to shed up to 2 pounds (1 kg) a week in only 8 minutes in the morning!  I want to put it under the test.


So …. Surprise yourself this year and STOP

“ Don’t hurry, don’t worry. You are only here for a short visit. So be sure to stop and smell the flowers.”  (Walter Hagen 1892 – 1969)

And smell the flowers

Do not kill yourself working. There is much more in your life then supporting your lifestyle.  Invest in yourself and your hobby or your passion as it can become  your  job when you lose one or you will have more fun.


Choose  your priorities for this year

We are all wise, beautiful and unique. We all have strengths, weaknesses, differences and passions. On the intersection of four of them is unique person and.  It is you.  So what  this year will bring for you? I depends what you choose.  I have chosen business, and that is why this post is the beginning of new me, the woman who has a desire to write something.

Next focus is Family and Friends so I feel loved, supported  and connected.

I want to have more fun and  focus on my  health so look for the next blogs with some ideas how to lose some extra kilograms gained over holidays period.  Yoga and swimming are on this list!

And the last big task – Renovation and decluttering.

Wishing you to be more yourself, more mindful, more successful and more relaxed  this year. Prepare your focus points and indulge in 2019!

Sign up for a free discovery session to start your year with surprising yourself. What do you focus on this year?  Are you committed to stick to it or you need some help?


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