Meet Goska – your Coach

Goska Wolnik

Founder and Coach of Life Recipes

Goska’s exuberant energy is simply infectious! As a qualified success coach with a bucket of life experiences under her belt, Goska has a very unique ability to really listen and understand you and your life’s challenges.

Her talent lies in the ability to analyze these situations, emphasize and to
lead you to the positive outcomes you want to create in your life.

Goska is committed to keeping you motivated on your journey to
great success and will coach you to become responsible for your actions
and results.

Through her Life Recipes coaching, Goska will work personally with you
to create a tailored program of one-on-one consultations that best
suit your specific needs.

Your first consultation is free.​

We are commited to helping you live the life you want with a complimentary consultation.

It can be daunting to embark on something new, so your first session will help you determine
how life recipes can benefit you.

Give goska a call today for brief chat to see where you want to go.
You have nothing to lose but so much life to gain.