Do you have a tech neck?  – 3 tips to get rid of your neck pain

I will not believe you if you say that you never had a neck pain. When I look around everyone has something! Car accidents – backlash pain, texting – tech neck, reading on a tablet or laptop – hunching. Older age – difficulties with turning your head to the left or right when driving. Bad posture all your life – neck and back pain, ankle pain. Is it our best companion these days?

Last night was a nightmare. Neck pain was so severe that I could not find a comfortable position in my usually welcoming bed. Too many pillows – hoping it can help I eliminated one. Tried sleeping on a right side – no relief. Sleeping on a left side – no effect either. Sleeping on my tummy – I did not know what to do with the sore neck.

My husband took this problem in his hands and went to the kitchen to prepare hot pack for my neck. He even brought me two of them to my surprise. And a hot bottle.  Two painkillers later I fall asleep.

I woke up not feeling myself, exhausted and anxious. The current world situation around the globe, pandemic, riots, fear of second outbreak of COVID-19 took tall on my health. It looks like I am physically sick from head to toes.  Even if part of it is on a subconscious level, the physical results are obvious – Stresssss….

I have been doing Yoga, Pilates, and physio for weeks now, but something is not working. To paint you the whole picture – I woke up surrounded by 3 furry kids on my bed.  Three English pointers in three different sizes and ages. This was a result of being a good and understanding mother who accepted two additional creatures for week-end so my  two adult  offspring with their families  could relax in the nature without hustle of pets.  I fed hungry bests and checked with Dr Google how can I relieve my pain before I go to masseur and physio for professional help.


Tip # 1

The Alexander Technique was my first preference. Three pillars of this technique are Awareness, Inhibition and Direction.


Let yourself become aware of your habitual physical posture. Observe your thoughts regarding current situation and physical responses that follow. In my case it is neck pain.  Notice your breathing. See if you are tensing your neck because of your thoughts. So if you are tensing your neck, breathe fully, slightly smile, let go of your neck muscle so that your head can move up.


Pause or inhibit, so you will choose not to default int your well-worn rut. Create a gap, it will help you to have more control over your response. You will have time to correct your posture and position your had that there is not tension in the neck. Be mindful what you do.


The way to freedom. The Alexander Technique is about choice.  When you inhabit, you have option to chose what to do with your neck and head.  Act if needed. Relax. Do a few whispered ahs, let a slightly determined smile happen even if it’s a smirk. Brace yourself without tightening your neck and get ready to face your day.

Tip # 2

Knowing that pain will  probably come back I booked another physio appointment at Active Physiotherapy at   Mt Waverley

Consistency is The King; I booked my Pilates classes at the same clinic well in advance so not to be in such a pain again.

Tip # 3

My third tip was to book a session with fantastic remedial masseur Monika Siennicka to take care of my neck.  Distinctive feeling of relaxation is difficult to describe. You must experience it in your body. I cannot wait for the next session! You can contact her via Facebook @ Monika Siennicka

If you are experiencing neck pain, please consult medical professionals for advice. In a meantime do not forget to let me know if Awareness, Inhibition and Directions I presented worked out for you. I invite you to be involved in my site It is a lot of easier to remember that you are never alone. We are all in this together, and we all have something to teach and something to learn.


Love your life again.


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