The sound of silence

Just close your eyes. Feel like the silence around you and inside you fill in your whole body. From the top of your head to the tips of your toes. Observe like muscles on your face become softer and softer, more relax, your neck suddenly makes little sounds when a vertebra after vertebra clicks in the natural position and the tension from your neck disappears. Your arms are lighter, your stomach is free from the usual blob sitting there for years now. Your hips relax and immediately your tights are free from tension, like after a good massage.

When last time you relaxed like that?

There are so many components of everyday stress: we are running late in the morning, kids are late to school, mail overwhelm, interpersonal conflict with your boss, spouse, or son. Your daughter just had a serious operation, overstimulation by the news, our own mobile phone which we take with us everywhere, even to the bathroom. Coffee in the morning and some more in the afternoon to keep the energy going. Some drinks on Friday after work or even every day. Mixed messages about COVID vaccination. Internal conflicts. Los of the job, illness, anxiety about the future, rumination over past.

We hope it will all go away.   Or we ignore all those little facts that leave an imprint in our body and mind.  Day after day, month after month, and then year after year.

I have moved from Melbourne to Phillip Island 2 months ago. Renovations of the old house we bought, running the business, and transforming the existing garden into a little retreat (a long way to go and getting there!) took a toll. Suddenly I felt like all the excitement, all the inspiration was gone. Even the everyday walk to the beach, observing my dog chasing birds, breathing salty air, and plunging into the cold waves did not change the mood. So, I had to stop. Re-evaluate what is happening and refocus. I looked around at what has been happening among my friends. Prolonged stress – boom! – depression. Ongoing stress – cancer. Suppressed emotions – depression. Decades of lasting stress and emotional suppression – immune system disease. Unresolved issues from the past – mysterious heart disease which could lead to a heart attack.

I did not wait long to purchase “…a most important book, both for patient and physician. It could save your life “ (Peter Levine, Ph.D., author of  Waking the Tiger) I am talking about the book “When the body says NO – Exploring the stress-disease connection” by Gabor Mate. What really appealed to me in this book    is the sentence: “… neither their (patients’) specialists nor their family doctors had ever invited them to explore the personal, subjective content of their lives.”  This book gave me a picture of how this hidden stress plays in an array of diseases, including Parkinson’s, multiple sclerosis, diabetes, heart diseases, and cancer.


Do you recognize when you have enough? Are you aware when it is time to stop and re-focus? Change priorities? Do you have a system to unwind and bounce back? Do you allow yourself to listen to the sound of silence?  How to find it?

Please contact me here if you want to know the answers to those questions.


Love your life again,


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