And now we welcome the New Year. Full of things that have never been…

There was a habit in my family in Poland that the New Year wishes for friends could be sent through the whole month of January. So it looks like I am not so late, it is only the fourth week of 2022! The new year of things that have never been…

I call this year a year of CALM. To build the muscle to stay calm, to be calm regardless of storms happening around me. Have I been practicing CALM before? Yes. Am I there all the time? No, not yet. I am human and I am building a new “CALM” muscle this year!

The ring of COVID19 is closer and closer to us, I mean my family and friends. I stayed CALM today in the morning after the news that my two daughters were at the party where the host was diagnosed today with COVID.  Bummer… what can I do now? After the first shock, the feeling of fear disappeared. Instead of wasting my time and energy on worry I took an additional dose of vitamin C and went to the beach to take the plunge in the cold ocean. I don’t need scientific proof, that ocean calms you down. Especially when I observe waves, jump on them, try to keep balance, and not be thrown into the ocean without my permission.  The ocean calms my mind as I do not have time to think about what is out there, somewhere around the world, and worry about it. I learned this skill, approaching life with wisdom.

So, January is the month of reflection for me: What have we created within 12 months? I must take a deep breath:

  1. 12 months and 10 days ago we moved from Melbourne to Phillip Island. We said big goodbye to our home of 27 years with good and not-so-good memories. In the end, after never-ending renovations and garden transformations, we left this house in the hands of people who fell in love with what we created there with my husband Janusz. And that was the plan. We had the first house auction on Zoom in town in the middle of a pandemic.

After short excitement which I call Honey Moon, we realized that the fantastic house,  walking distance to the ocean beach, with tropical and native garden needs TRANSFORMATION. It meant a continuation of renovations. And that was what Janusz wanted – to have his hands busy when he is semi-retired. The list of achievements or in other words “things for improvement” has been counted and finished by Janusz. 12 months of dedication, commitment, and discipline to keep things going. The first focus was on preparing the place for Airbnb – my dream of many years.  Janusz joined my dream. A total renovation of two bathrooms,  installment of two additional windows and one sliding door, creation of the European style laundry (due to limited space) slash powder room slash the second toilet for us, painting, new floors in all bedrooms and living room – that is only a glimpse! Janusz did the benches in one of the bathrooms, kitchenette, and the guest room. And the hit of the suit – the beautiful stairs. Two fences are still in a project state.

  1. In a meantime I put a lot of effort to expand my Life Recipes coaching business, learning new tricks with Social media, adding new modalities to my practice to better help my clients.
  2. I managed to run Zoom simplified exercises on a 2 m2 area, between unopened boxes with everything, and some basic furniture.
  3. We had a deadline to finish major things like flooring and wardrobe as we invited all our friends from Melbourne to New Year Eve celebrations called Sylwester in Polish. The pressure was on. The last piece of flooring Janusz installed on 31st of December 2021. Just in time for the dress-up part. We were all dressed as our Birth Signs.
  4. I was coaching clients between painting the house outside, renovating a dressing table, searching for missing boxes to make everything work.
  5. I had two coaches helping me with social media and had support from groups I belong to. They were helping me to go where I wanted to be.
  6. I enrolled in 2 social media courses and successfully finished the social media challenge. Wow! That was too much for me, but I made it.
  7. I trimmed our tropical/native garden to the extent, and I created a space for BBQ, two lounges for relaxation, and a big family table which is too big now!  The garden still needs trimming!
  8. With help from my wonderful friend from Melbourne, I collected pieces of furniture and bathroom stands that added charm to our new home. I was buying them on Marketplace and she was collecting them in the middle of a pandemic. Crazy!
  9. My other friend from Melbourne helped me with painting the front fence and the gate in black.  All the neighbors noticed it. She was as well champion with moving bricks from the driveway to the corner of the garden. They represent my future outdoors bath and woodshed. Project No 169?
  10. We had some friends helping us in the first days to bring boxes from the storage. Others helped us to dig out the old iron bathtub which was buried just on the most used pathway. It was transported to the driveway and still is awaiting further action.
  11. I took in my hands organizing Aged Pension from Poland for Janusz. Due to the pandemic, there were no flights whatsoever in any direction and all the mail was sitting in the airport for 4 months! So documents reached Poland as they used to be before, where letters were on board cargo ships. It is the 21st century!  
  12. Janusz had to stop the crazy renovations for approximately 2 weeks to take care of some other important matters in the city. He got a fine for a speeding $395. I think I know better ways to spend money!!!!!
  13. We removed two lots of rubbish which ended up in the landfill – is there another way to utilize post renovation rubbish?  We couldn’t find a removalist to utilize broken solar panels (what of course incurred additional cost to remove them and install the new ones).
  14. We created parking space on side of the road for 2 cars – for us or our future guests.
  15. I was helping to maintain weeds in two other houses on the Island and I had to admit that not always I remembered to do so!
  16. We organized Christmas drinks for our new neighbors. I printed invitations and went to every house on my street in a radius of 500 m and invited as well people we met on our way to the beach. 12 people turned up including one mother with a toddler. I am building my small community on Island.
  17. And as if we had nothing to do we were supervising the build of our daughter’s house on the Island. It has been finished before we finished our renovations.
  18. We ended 2021 with a blast and with the news that Janusz got a job on the other side of the state, a 3-hour drive from our home on Phillip Island. And our Airbnb was ready to start with the first guest arriving on the 6th of January 2022.

We sometimes underestimate what can b done within one year!

So it is our 2021 in a kaleidoscope.


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